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Sports & Games

Physical Education
Children should be strong and fit, they should be good sportsmen and their physical capabilities should be adequately developed. Only such like children can become defenders of their country and their faith. All schools of Vidya Bharati have facilities and programmes for physical development of children. Classwise physical education syllabus has been developed by specialists for this purpose. Regional Physical Training Centres have been established for specialized physical training. A national Sports Body for Vidya Bharati is also being constituted.
Sports Meet
Vidya Bharati started holding all India Sports Meet in the year 1988-89 in order to commemorate the birth centenary of Param Poojya Dr. Hedgawar Ji, the first Sar Sanghachalak of R.S.S. During these tournaments boys & Girls of Middle, High & Senior secondary classes (Bal, Kishor and Tarun) Take part in three events only. These tournaments start from schools & go up to District, Circle, State, Region & National level games and atheletic events take part in national tournament. It is heartening to mention that many of our young boys & girls who take part in national meets are trying to touch national record in so many events. It a matter of pride for Vidya Bharati as well as for the nation as a whole. If our younger generation is strong, the country will be strong. While providing facilities for our youth to make the muscles strong, we should be careful about the sanskars we give to them. “We should remember that only ‘sanskarit’ brave boys & girls can prove an asset for the Motherland in order to protect her honour”. This sentence is the very basis of our Sports-Programmes. The most impressive aspect of our National Meets is its Mini-India stature. Our cultural essence ie Unity in Diversity is visible in our national tournaments.