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In 16 September, 1977 (Sri Ganesh Chaturthi) the first “Saraswati Shishu Mandir” was established in Bhubaneswar, Orissa. Prof. (Dr.)Nagendra Nath Pradhan and Sri Jagadish Prasad Pattnayak was the founder of this school and the school was running in a govt. quarter at Unit-III, Bhubaneswr during that time. There were as many as six schools in various parts of Orissa by 1980.

1977-1980 can be considered as the preliminary or elementary stage as a lot of such schools were established in different places of Orissa and many people came to know about the school through different promotional programs and advertisements. Accommodation, teaching rooms of classes, govt. affiliation and changes of teachers from time to time were the most focused topics.

1980-1990 can well be considered as the struggling period in the development of such schools. Management problem, indiscipline within the institutions, library systems, arrangement of sport equipments, teachers training and the planning and implementation of different programs were the discussed subjects.

1990-2000 was really the stage of growth & development in a positive sense, as many programs and planning were materialized during this period. Maintenance of discipline in the academic field, different tests & questionnaire system, cultural study in syllabus were mostly found during this time.

2000-2010 was definitely be considered as the most fruitful phase in the success of this school. One student every year is found in “Best ten” list in HSC exam consequently for 10 years starting from 1997. In 2004 HSC exam, Orissa. 10 students of this school qualified in “Best Ten” list. Besides this, 10-12 such SSVM score 100% pass result in HSC exam. These SSVMs also excel all other govt. & privates schools in 3rd, 5th and 7th scholarship exams.

2010 to 2013 more than fifty students are placed in best hundred positionsin HSC examination every year.